Group Leader Responsibilities

This document defines the responsibilities to be assumed by each group leader. It is a generic document, and so does not define the specific areas of responsibility of individual group leaders.

Reporting Hierarchy

Group leaders in general shall report from a line management aspect to Vice President or Director level. There is no hierarchy across group leaders, and no hierarchical structure to other departments or groups, e.g. Finance, Human resources, Administration.

Specific Responsibilities

Line Management

Group leaders shall be responsible for daily line management of their group. This includes, but is not limited to:-

Setting of Group Goals

The Group Leader shall

Management Of Group Goals

The Group Leader shall:-

Setting of Individual Goals.

The Group Leader shall:-

Management of Individual Goals.

The Group Leader shall:-

Management of Budget.

The Group Leader shall:-


The Group Leader shall:-

Project Management

The Group Leader is not necessarily the staff member who is selected to be project manager for every project undertaken by his group. If he is, then he shall also perform the responsibilities of a project manager (defined elsewhere in the PROMISE Project Management Manual). The Group Leader shall however, for each project allocated to his area:-